Living Single (Finding Satisfaction In Being Single)

Hello everyone and Happy New Year ♥

The year 2018 flew by so quickly and 2019 is honestly beginning to look the same way. So many people have sat down to plan the year ahead and yours’ truly was one of them. From goals, To-do lists, reminders and so many other projects, setting intentions is one thing that always comes with every new year.

Apart from the major goals I set out to achieve this year, being content with my relationship status was one very important thing I purposed to do. Now, I have not been single for the longest time (my last relationship ended in May 2018) so I guess I could say that the single life hasn’t really hit me hard yet.

P.S: Just in case you haven’t already guessed from all my rambling, your girl is single.

After my last relationship ended, I decided I did not want to date anyone for a while. Maybe it was because I had someone I was “talking with”, or because I was pained that the brother I thought I would end up with wasn’t in the picture anymore – we’ll never really know.

But I was single!


Thankfully, I was able to do a total mindset change and re-arrange my priorities. Now, I have chosen to remain single for the right reason – because the person with whom I will choose to spend the rest of my life with has not come along, yet.

I confess, there have been people that have come into the picture. I probably may have caught feelings one or two times, but because I know what I want, I have consciously had to take hold of my emotions and realign them. I understand now that there are seasons in life which you must identify and make the most of.

Seasons of learning as a child, seasons where you have to be satisfied in your singleness so that you can grow, seasons where you go through life with someone else, seasons..seasons..seasons…

I have decided to improve myself in this season I am in. Reading books, listening to podcasts, battling focusing on my thesis, going out more often etc etc. Basically building myself into the person whom I want to un-single me will be.

I’m also grateful for friends who are very ready to drag you back in line. Some days ago, I spoke with a friend about a particular guy that I like. It wasn’t exactly a face to face conversation. It was more like me sending a confused voice note and she replying with voice notes and texts.

Long story short, she said something that I took hold of –

“If you feel you aren’t ready, then you’re probably not ready. If this guy really likes you, he’ll be willing to wait till you feel you’ve gotten things figured out. Contrary to what people say, it’s not a very wise decision to try to improve yourself when you’ve gotten into a relationship. Do and achieve all you can before you get involved with someone”


So, maybe Mr right will show up this year, next year, in two years time or maybe even before the end of January. I really cannot tell.

But until then I choose to wait and build myself up into the ideal person I want to be with. Even if it means I have to roll my eyes a couple of more times when Sandra decides to video call “our boyfriend” or control my subtle annoyance when I want to see Pretty and she’s talking with “our second boyfriend”.

I choose to be content in my singleness.

Current Interest 🎁

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Sarah Jakes Roberts • Overnight Success 🎧

With lots of love,

Ihuoma 🐈


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  1. I was really close to texting my ex and telling him how much I’ve missed him but this made me realize something, a real woman never begs for love…And being single is a time to work on one’s self and I’m making that a priority now…Thank you so much for writing this…I needed this tonight ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. Loved this. Singe season is a blessing. There’s so much that one can learn about themselves and God through the process. The single season is precious. You will not get that time again once married. Let that man find you. My dear, Eve didn’t look for Adam. God knew the perfect season to introduce him to his Queen. Enjoy your singleness. God’s best will come at the right season. Eat all the suya, plantains, and jollof rice by yourself now. Celebrate yourself and have fun. Cheers to what lies ahead of you because God hasn’t forgotten you 🤗✨

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  3. Good to hear about you adjusting to your new season…can’t wait to see what comes out of it! Keep us updated sis

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  4. Nice write up.
    Be blessed


  5. Awwwn, mama this is so beautiful. I’m taking cue from this piece definitely. Weldone child!

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  6. Great write up, Ihuoma. I like that you put yourself out there.

    I also think what may help will be to find the balance between bringing out you and general acceptance. Unless of course, if this is a purely personal blog.

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  7. Baby girl!
    I loved reading this. As a fellow single aunty, I can’t agree more…
    This part got me: “there are seasons in life which you must identify and make the most of”
    Thank you Ihuoma for sharing… And cheers to an amazing 2019💕💕💕

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