We Need To Do Better – 1

The line crawled forward under the scorching hot sun.

“My Lord, this queue isn’t getting anywhere. I didn’t come to camp to die biko”, Bimbo said.

She looked around and saw an empty space open up under the shade, and she yelled “Please, I’m behind you” to the girl in front of her as she sprinted towards the shade.

That was where she met Lucky, and this chance encounter turned out to be one of her biggest regrets.

A couple of months later

“I’m going to Benin this weekend for a wedding, do you want to come along”?, Lucky asked.

“Yes oh. I’ve been thinking of how to survive this dead weekend. I’ll pack some of my stuff and we can leave tomorrow”, Bimbo said.

Before they set off for Benin, Bimbo asked where they would be staying and Lucky told her they would be lodging into separate rooms in a hotel close to the wedding venue.

They set off for Benin the next afternoon.

The first warning bell came when the taxi drove into the University of Benin rather than to a hotel as they had earlier agreed.

Lucky explained that his friend had a place in school and that he wasn’t around that weekend, so they could use that place for the duration of their stay.

This is the point at which Bimbo ought to have started getting suspicious, but, she didn’t.

The traditional wedding went on for way too long that Friday evening. By the time Lucky and Bimbo got back to UNIBEN it was pretty late. She showered, had dinner and fell asleep while watching Into the Badlands.

At about 1am, she woke up to Lucky feeling up on her.

Bimbo had heard and read so many rape stories, but never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that she would one day become a victim.

What hurt the most was that she thought she had known Lucky long enough to trust him.

As she pleaded and pleaded, and gave every possible reason for him to let her go, her mind went back to that day in camp when she met Lucky.

Would she have avoided becoming a rape victim if she had ignored him?

If she had remained on the line instead of sprinting towards the shade, would she be in her warm bed now?

If only…







Bimbo was a wreck.

Even with bloodshot, sleep-deprived eyes she still found out that she could cry.

She went back to her PPA that day…

This is a true account of a rape victim’s story. I had to break this story into two parts because people have short attention spans.

The victim’s name has been changed to protect her identity.

The second and final part of this story will be out next week.

With love,

Ihuoma 🍇

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