15 Things That Make Me Happy

It is said that, once you find the things that make you happy, grab hold of them and never let go. The journey to happiness can be a somewhat complicated path, but eventually, everyone finds their happiness – along the way, or at the end of the tunnel.

That’s by the way.

After a long hiatus, I finally decided to scroll through my WordPress reader, and I came across this post by Mariam Shittu. I thought it was an amazing post, and I went, why not?

Feel free to share some things that make you happy in the comment section.


1. God’s love: Yo, the way God loves ehn, it’s surreal. Your family, husband, your wife, or best friends could never.

2. My family: My guys from Day 1 😘

3. My Friends: There are friends, and there are friends. Thankfully, God gave me friends, and I can’t appreciate you guys enough πŸ’•

4. Sleep: I know a certain person who had problems sleeping. Thank goodness he’s better now. Having to listen to him going on about how he felt awful for not being able to go to sleep made me appreciate the seemingly random gift of sleep that we take for granted.

I consider myself blessed that I can just stop whatever I’m doing and go to sleep.

5. Food: It is by the mercies of God that I am not fat! I mean, I’m always hungry, just ask my course mates. πŸ˜ͺ

6. This Bible Plan: Daniel understood by books. Ihuoma will understand by Bible Plans (which are books, but not really books) πŸ˜‚

Dating In The Modern Age

7. Cake: I’m sorry, but I will not classify cake under the 5th point in this post (come and beat me!).

Those who know me, know that my love for cake is on a whole new level. Red velvet, chocolate, vanilla, etc etc. Bring them all to me, and I will feed.

8. My Coursemates: You’ll think you know patience until you have to be in very close proximity with people who have DIVERSE personalities for an extended period of time.

I won’t lie, I hated (a strong word, I know) a particular coursemate of mine for the most part of my first semester. You know that feeling of sudden hatred you have when you see a particular person you dislike? That was me.

However, I am entirely grateful to God for that season I passed through. I learnt perseverance, self-control, patience and forgiveness from these people.

9. Prayer: I must say that I’m still getting a hang of this “pray without ceasing” matter. One thing I’ve come to realize is that it can be as simple as a whispered prayer, or a full-blown kabash, but we have to make conscious efforts towards maintaining the communication we have with God.

Pray About Everything

10. Sunlight: Imagine if we lived in one of those post-apocalyptic eras where coming out of your house could lead to you being zombie food, or something else’s food.

Your windows have to be boarded up because if they weren’t, something would slither in and take over your brain.

You had to live in perpetual darkness, and Vitamin D from the sun was a thing of the past.

Enough said.

Please open your windows and STOP LIVING IN STUFFY ROOMS! πŸ˜‘

11. Finding New YouTube Channels: When you have almost 45GB to waste use every month, YouTube will become one of your most visited sites.

12. Podcasts: I feel like everyone who knows me well enough probably already knows I love podcasts.

It’s really soothing listening to podcasts while walking to my classes. Also, having almost 45GB is a plus too.

Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls

Great Women of Business

13. Free Wi-Fi: I think this point is self-explanatory. No?

14. Pinterest:

I definitely got on this wagon pretty late, but it’s safe to say that my wallpaper and feature image problems have been solved.

15. Stationery: Biros, journals, sticky notes, highlighters make my heart flutter.

I’m joking please, it’s never that serious. But there is definitely this feeling of joy when I get a new piece of stationary.

I will never forget the day I walked into the Office Everything store at Ikeja City Mall. I was awestruck. Sadly, I didn’t play on purchasing anything that day, so I couldn’t get anything.

I will be back, Office Everything.

I will be back!

P.S – They’re loads of things that make me happy, but I decided to limit this post to just 15.

I would love to know some things that make you happy as well. Do leave a comment in the comment section so that we can all spread happiness 🌞

TGIF, and have an amazing day 😘


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  1. I’m a sucker for stationery too. Once I walk into Office and more, I must buy new journals and pen. And ,most times, I end up staring and admiring the journals for months without actually using them

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  2. Adebola Akinmulewo June 17, 2018 — 9:03 am

    I recently just started travelling alot, I must confess, it makes me happy when I hangout with people I know WELL and love too. As well as discovering new places.

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  3. Wonderful post Ihuoma! I’ve also read dating in the modern age! That plan is fire asin pure fire fa!

    Thanks for writing your list


  4. I haven’t sat to compose a list of what makes me happy (i will be back here when finally i do). But today i will say one more thing to makes you happy, that’s having seeing cute babies run around, particularly if there were wearing shorts 😊 😊


  5. I haven’t sat to compose a list of what makes me happy (i will be back when finally i do). But today i will say one more thing to makes you happy, that’s having seeing cute babies run around, particularly if they were wearing shorts 😊 😊

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