Long time no write, ey?

I’m totally sorry about that. In between trying to prepare for my seminar defense, a conference and having classes, my blog kinda took the back seat in my head. Fortunately, things are clearing up and I have time for other business aside schoolwork.

Moving forward, those on my WhatsApp contact list already know this, but just in case you didn’t, here you go.

I realized that appreciating people who mean a lot to us apart from our family members is something we do not do well enough.

So, because I have amazing friends, and I want to show them that I care, I decided to do this.

I won’t mention the person’s name, but I know that everyone will definitely catch the right sub. Now without any further rambling, enjoy πŸ‘‡.


Hey boo,

You probably already know yourself just from the title emoji.

It’s amazing how far we have come. From that unserious person whom I lent my pen during Chapel Service (like who forgets their pen when coming to write in church?), to becoming one of my ‘family members’.

Now, you’re one of my mainest G’s, and I wouldn’t trade you for anyone, or anything (unless you stop allowing me bully you). I know I bully you, but it’s just because you’re so adorable 😝.

It legit still baffles me that you actually went to watch YouTube videos on how to hug. You got a πŸ’― for that.

You’re probably the only person amongst my friends that I can’t stay mad at for long because of how adorable you are. I know you do the puppy face look on purpose just so that I don’t stay angry. Well played πŸ‘πŸ‘

The most beautiful part about you is that you’re a God-lover. Truth be told, you’re one of the few people that inspire me to strive towards becoming more and more like Christ. I hope your fire never burns out, and that we remain friends for a very, very, very long time.

Now before my mother thinks I finally found a husband and starts giving thanks to God, I’m going to stop here. This mushiness is getting excessive anyways.

P.S -I am absolutely serious about you replacing my pen with one that actually works πŸ˜’.

Mama loves you,



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  1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚this legit sounds like you’ve found husband. Your village people are already trying to communicate the signal to your mother

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