Happiness 💕


It’s been exactly a month since my postgraduate program started, and I can’t thank God enough for the fact that I haven’t dropped dead out of exhaustion. 😓 

Well, my ranting aside. 

I really missed you guys. Tbvh.

Finding a balance between school work and everything else has been tough, but thank God for strength. 🙌

So, in the spirit of regaining consistency (and because Bola came to query me), I have decided to do a post about 6 things that make me happy right now, in this present stage of my life.

1. My Roommate 

If you’ve ever had a roommate, you’ll realise how important it is to have one who doesn’t stress and frustrate you. 

Thankfully, I have an amazing person as a roommate. Life is so much easier. 😀

2. My Coursemates

We’re just 8 people running the MSc Microbiology program (too few, yes?), but despite that fact that we all have our different specialisations, we still get along pretty well.

Oh, and did I mention that I was made the course rep? (like a class monitor 😎). 

The ‘peacefulness’ of my coursemates is a serious source of mental happiness to me. 

3. Freedom 

If you’ve heard about Covenant University, you’ve most likely heard about the plenty (and mind-blowing) rules.

Well, brothers and sisters, can I shock you?, 97% of those rules do not apply to postgraduate students. 😎

I can choose to get up right now, wear my shorts, stroll out of school and come back in a week’s time (but I won’t).

My mum is probably watching me in the spirit realm to prevent that.  

4. My Family 

My family has been super supportive. From coping with all my ranting on the Whatsapp group, to being able to make me laugh even when I’m neck deep in assignments.

Long story short, I love y’all 😘

5. My Friends

I’ve never been one to have so many friends. So whenever I do come around to making a few, I tend to ‘carry them on my head’.

With that being said, Bola and Vwairhe are here too 😊. 

Whoop whoop 💃💃

6. Free Wi-Fi 

Hurrah for the free Wi-Fi life. 10GB a month is no joke. 

Now I can ruthlessly download all those YouTube videos and do some shameless binge watching. 

Happiness 😁

Apart from the things on my list, there are so many other things which make me happy.

Who knows, I might just take up gratitude journalling. 😉
Do check out these weblinks. If you are into minimalism (like I am trying to be), you just might find them interesting • becomingminimalist.com and theminimalists.com

Have a lovely weekend, and I will see you in my next post.

Lots of love, 



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  1. Hmm! So those rules don’t apply? Chei. I also have many things to be thankful for! 🙌 Even if I enter Lagos Traffic everyday 😊

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  2. Awww glad to hear you’ve settled down! Having a good roommate is soooo extra important! I’ve had to change house twice cause of room mate wahala and I’m looking forward to being on my own next year 😂. Enjoy the post grad privileges! We have them too in my Uni, and we walk around like the bosses on campus, until a PhD student walks by. 😂

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