The Versatile Blogger Award

It’s Friday, whoop whoop!!

I finally overcame the spirit of procrastination and decided to get around addressing my second blogger award.

The Versatile Blogger Award can be awarded to a blogger by another blogger based on the quality of their writing, uniqueness of subjects covered, passion in their words, quality of the photos used and layout of the blog.

Wow, my mind is blown. I count it an absolute privilege to have been presented this award (which really isn’t an award, but is an award).

It’s really an amazing feeling to know that someone appreciates the hard-work you put into churning out blog posts, and decides to ‘reward’ you 💃.

Thank you so much Joan, you’re a real G.

Rules of the award: 

  • Write a word of thanks to the blogger who tagged you and leave links to their blog.
  • Share 7 fun facts about you.
  • Choose at least 15 bloggers who deserve your word of encouragement and nominate them.
  • Send words to the talented bloggers whom you nominated, link their blogs and encourage them in their creativity.

7 fun facts about me

      1. If people could be presented awards for eating cake, I would probably have a huge trophy case full of awards.
        FEED ME!!!
      2. My best color is 🔵. In fact, like 80% of all the clothes I own somehow ended up being blue (I honestly don’t know how).
        I honestly do not know how this happened.
      3. I can roll my tongue (does that count?).
      4. I’m really good at track events (can somebody say Usaina Bolt) ⚡.
      5. Yoruba guys are at the top of my ‘scale of preference’ for what tribe to marry from.
        My chest
      6. My best food is Boiled/Fried yam and Eggsauce. I think it’s one of the first dishes I learnt to cook.
        Now i’m hungry
      7. I make the meanest Jollof Spaghetti, just ask Alexander and my sister (of course she will deny it).
        Now that I have let you guys in on some fun facts about me, here are my nominees for The Versatile Blogger Award.

Diary Of a Nineteen Year Old

Koz Diaries


Real Life with Lou

Spoken Voiceless

Life Of Oreofe

That Girl Dorian

The Demilade Olafisoye Blog

You all have such enlightening posts on your blogs, I admire your creativity and originality.

Happy writing!


PS: Your girl (me) is going to be a year older on the 2nd of September #blessed.

All gifts will be appreciated (prayers 🙏money💰, food 🍖🍕🍟🍔 etc etc).


Have a lovely weekend.

Ihuoma 🐕



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  1. Hehehe Yoruba boys💃. I’m with you on that😂. All the Yoruba guys I’ve met are just amazing. So I still don’t quite get this Yoruba demon logic 😅.


  2. Yoruba boy lover. Hehe okay. Congrats


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