Look What I Found

I know Bola loves me, and if human beings could pass through phones, she would’ve jumped out of my phone onto my head out of excitement when I shared this video on our group chat yesterday (Bola, you know you love me like that 😏), and yeah, i’m one of those people who has a group chat with best friends as participants (How did I have 3 people as my best friends?).

Anyway, one thing I absolutely love about this video is the HONESTY. You really have to watch it to get why I capitalized the word ‘honesty’.  Lauren, literally bared it all, and I am not mincing words.

Amidst all the lessons and truths and light from this video, one very very important thing I understood was that, you can never trust your flesh to save you when it comes to sexual sin. You must depend on the Holy Spirit for help, guidance and deliverance most especially when it concerns sexual sin.

I say this because I know what thinking I could trust my flesh to behave itself has resulted in (trust me, I know!).

Most times we think we are strong enough on our own to resist the urge to fall into sexual sin , but over time, and with constant pressure, your chances of falling into sexual sin will increase by 99.9999999999%. This is exactly why we need the Holy Spirit’s help.

I remember watching a video where the girl was like she was about to fall, and then she just had to say a quick prayer for the Holy Spirit to get her out of the mess she was about to get into, and her prayer was answered.

That alone should let you know that the Holy Spirit is so ready to get you out of that fix. But I must say this, lest you misunderstand my last statement. Do not consciously get involved in sexual sin and think that you can just rub your magic lamp and summon the Holy Spirit to get you out. You must take conscious steps and decisions to protect yourself from anything that could pull you down.

Before, I go on a blabbing spree (lol), please do watch the video above. Nia’s YouTube channel is Crowned In Faith, and you can get even more awesome videos on it.

I have to go now because I have to salvage the remaining 15 minutes of my break.

Have an amazing day.


With loads of love β™₯,



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  1. Yes!!!! The video is a must watch
    It’s EXPLICIT πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

  2. πŸ‘πŸ‘ truth. We Decieve ourselves we can withstand temptation alone but we need HS


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