Storytime -The New Job

“Oh my God, I hope I don’t  pass my bus stop, conductor, owa o!!”

You can imagine my shock when the woman I asked for directions told me that the venue for my interview was almost a 15 minutes walk back from the bus stop (the wrong one, btw) at which I had alighted.

The time then was about 7:35am, and my interview was for 8:00am!

So I start power walking. Past 1st gate bus stop, past the traffic light, past Cadbury, and up until I locate the street on which the company is located.

By now, it was 7:55am!

Anyways, I get to the venue for the interview, get called in for the interview, and it was pretty good.

A few days later, I get an email from the HR manager telling me that I wasn’t selected for the job position. Of course I felt really sad (the pain of rejection) for a while, but I eventually got out of that valley.

I must state here that everything above this line took place in November, 2016.

Fast forward to May 2017, and by this time, I had moved forward, and was already working as an intern at a wonderful media company Lifegiva, and I loved my job.

So, one day, i’m talking with my friend, and I get a call from an unfamiliar number. I pick the call and it turns out that it’s the HR Manager of this company that had earlier rejected me calling to find out if I would be interested in a job offer.

So we talk further, and decide on a date to meet up for a ‘chat’ (code name for a laid-back interview).

Bla bla blabbity bla.

After the  ‘chat’, I got offered the job on the spot, and discussed my monthly salary as well. I was asked to come pick up my letter of employment later that month, and the rest as they say, is history!

The best part of getting the job now, is that the company moved to a new office that is extremely close to where I stay. I can literally leave my house by 7:00am, and be at work before or at exactly 8:00am!

The End!

I begin this job on the 3rd of July, and I am super pumped about starting a new phase in my career. So if you more experienced guys have any ‘what to do when starting a new job’ advice, I would absolutely appreciate it if you could drop it in the comment section below.

P.S: Thank you all so much for all the views and likes on my posts, I really appreciate all the love ♥.

P.P.S: I still will be working at the media company during the weekends, and virtually during the week whenever I can.


Have an awesome week.


With loads, and loads, and loads of love,




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  1. Congratulations dear… When I read “first gate” “cadbury’” it reminded me of my hood … Beautiful memories 😊


  2. Awwwnnn!!! Congratulations Ihuoma! I’m so happy for you. Great achievements ahead.


  3. Aww. Congrats on your new job.

    My advice? Be friendly, courteous and civil but try to maintain a neutral relationship with everyone. As much as possible, avoid cliques. Be very observant for the first few weeks of employment to see if there are any existing politics and to understand said politics. Most of all, learn as much as you can. Don’t look down on any task (except people want you to take care of their personal needs, eg. laundry, buying their lunch and all that nonsense… unless you’re their PA) because you don’t know where or when you may need the skill in the future.

    Enjoy yourself!

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    • I’ll take everything you’ve said very seriously.

      On the subject of cliques, is it really so bad if I find myself associating with a particular set of people (a clique)?

      What if these people have good values and all that, and then we just decide to be hanging out. Will that be wrong?


      • Not saying it’s the absolute worst thing. I have two close friends I met at a job – we no longer work together but I’m still very good friends with the both of them. Certainly, there would be some people you would gel with more than others; just make sure your closeness to a certain set of people doesn’t affect your relationship with other colleagues and doesn’t take away from you doing what you’re actually there to do – your job. When it comes to cliques in the workplace, I feel it’s best avoided as it can easily become a secondary school setting. You definitely want to run away from that.

        I’ve noticed with cliques, we tend to stick to those that are ‘just like us’, people we are most comfortable with (which is what you said). Wanting comfort isn’t bad, but in this case, it can be, because you want to be able to work and relate successfully with different types of personalities. You also want to be known as ‘Ihuoma – the girl who slays when it comes to her job’. Not ‘Ihuoma? Who’s Ihuoma? Ooohhh okayyyyy. That girl who rolls with so and so and so.’

        Don’t over-think it, though. Just be like Buhari. Remember a quote from his speech when he was sworn in – ‘I belong to everybody. I belong to nobody.’ That should be your mantra.


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      • Thank you Ihuoma, I totally understand now.

        From henceforth, you’re my special advisor for Office Affairs.

        Thank you again 🙂

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      • Lol. You’re very welcome.


      • Oma, thanks for the advice… I don pick am lol


      • Looool! I’ll start charging you people. You’re welcome.


  4. Congratulations girl!!!! Things will keep working out in your favour! !


  5. Awwww… congratulations 🎉🎉🎉🎉


  6. Congratulation dear, my advice…say no to unpleasant talks about your employer. The worse thing to do is to work in a place where you have a wrong impression about your superiors especially if the impression came from others.


  7. Congratulations on your new job! I hope that things in your life will always be convenient for you e.g. having your workplace so close to where you live. I also pray that I will also have that convenience presently and in the future.
    Congrats once again, hope you have a pleasant experience and learn a lot!


  8. Thank you!

    Operation get familiar and comfortable mode activated!!


  9. Awesome. Congrats girl.

    I remember when I started my job, everything was strange. So what I did was to get very familiar and comfortable with my new environment. I made sure I read everything that passed through my desk and keep my ears open. That helped…

    Wish you all the best

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