I Met Someone

Currently Listening To: In Control (Acoustic) – HillSong Worship.

I met someone.

Someone whom I have known for a really long time.

I drifted far away from him (did I say ‘drifted’? I meant I was oceans apart from him),

but still he kept on loving me and trying to reach out.

Time, and time again, I would find myself coming back and drifting away from him, but still he loved me.

I let myself fall prey to distractions, he knew, but still he loved me.

I searched for love and belonging in so many other places, but still, his love remained.

Eventually, I realized that his love was what I needed to fill that ever yawning gap of the need to be loved.

I picked up the pieces of my fragmented life, and took it all to him, and you know the best part?

He took me back.

Broken pieces, jagged edges, slivers, shards, and all.

He actually really took me back!

Can you believe that? He actually took me back, and made me whole again.

And as I felt the love he had fill up the void,

I knew the search was over.

You are honored, and I love you ♥

P.S: Please guys, check out this YouTube channel. I just came across it today, and I just have to share Morgan Tracy J.

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