Beautiful Misconceptions

We’ve all heard how in earlier times, not-so good looking people were regarded as witches, rapists and even murderers.

Mole on your nose = rapist, Warts on your face = witch

You catch my drift.

Sadly, only the beautiful or handsome people were given all the preferential treatments. Apparently, a beautiful, or handsome face signified a good heart, and I really can’t blame them.

Nowadays, people still follow that misconception (myself inclusive). I unconsciously find myself being nicer to good-looking people than not so good-looking people.

Now that you’ve read the prelude, let me get right into the story!

Remember what I said in the previous paragraph? Well, because I have that misconception stored somewhere in the back on my mind, I have made some really wrong choices. From choosing to date guys just because they were good-looking, to making the wrong friends based solely on looks.

Very recently, I stumbled across a picture of a friend of my friend, and the misconception riddled part of me showed up!

Anyone who really knows me knows that I prefer Yoruba boys to any other tribe (I am not a tribalist). But a really, really good-looking Yoruba boy?, that’s an A++ on my meter.

To cut the long story short, I finally met the guy, and to say that I was wrong in thinking he was a good person just because he was really good-looking would be an understatement.

Five minutes into our conversation, and I was already thinking “Na wa oh, what kind of human being is this?, having sense is really not by having a good-looking face”.

From dropping sexual innuendos, to a host of many other unbelievable things our Yoruba brother did, I was thoroughly irritated at the end of our meet-up.


I kid you not when I say he became ugly to me! 

Please do note that I am not trying to make a generalization about good-looking Yoruba boys. I still very much think they’re super cool, but i’m trying to arrive at a point here.

If you notice, I initially developed interest in the guy because he was good-looking, not because he was God-fearing, or even because of the way he spoke perfect English, and I was put to shame (lol)

This taught me a very important lesson. If I keep acting based on my misconceptions, 99% of the time, I will end up making the wrong decisions. Not only in choosing friends, or who to date, but in everything else.

In order to be on the safe side, I have finally made a conscious decision to never again judge people based on their physical features. I will make sure to go deeper than the surface, and look for relevant features and characteristics before arriving at a conclusion.

If you do not want to be like me and almost end up with someone with zero morals (and sense), please do drop every misconception you might have and join me in making this decision.

Have a wonderful misconception-free week, and remember I love you all.

P.S:  I’d really love to hear your comments on this issue. Also, don’t forget to like and share this post.


With love,

Ihuoma β™₯




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  1. So ders hope for the “not so good looking but good people” out der rit, a category I may well fall under… Hmm 😏 ..inspiring… Tnx I.O


  2. I know right? Yoruba guys are 😍, though I always prefer to think beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and you’re right. Someone could look so fine yet when you talk to them you wonder how you ever thought they would be okayπŸ˜…

    Lovely post dear.


  3. Ooooooohhh this just drags me back memory laneπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Only difference is I actually did end up with someone based on looks. But when I came to my senses I packed myself out of that situation very speedily. And I promised myself, never again will I form any associations bases on looks or even just a nice aura. Its so important to know what’s beyond the surfaceπŸ˜…. Lessons have been learned!


  4. It’s great. Your facts are true and i believe in them too. We resonate at the same frequency.
    Well done!


  5. Hahaha… Very true what you’ve said. For me, though I.have it at the back of my head somewhere that I.want a tall, dark, ambitious and good looking guy for a husband but I somehow I never really push people away because of their looks. Their mind and values seem to attract me more. Just few month ago my sister was surprised I actually went out with a light guy and not so tall guy. Knowing the way I am into dark and tall πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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