I Moved! 

Happy Sunday guys. I hope we’re all well?

Yes, I moved!.

No. Not to a new site (yet). Not to my husband’s house (yet). Not to the beat of a song (lol). But out of my parent’s house.

Yes. Everything they told you is true. You’ll have the freedom to do whatever you want. The freedom to misbehave. The freedom to have friends over. The freedom to eat noodles all day. The freedom to walk unclad around the house.

​Sadly, nobody tells you that some really stressful tasks accompany this giant step you have taken.

They don’t tell you how annoying it is to have your generator serviced. The fact that you have to pay for it yourself is what is extremely annoying.

They don’t tell you that you’ll eventually get tired of eating noodles, and will start to miss your mum’s cooking.

They don’t tell you that somewhere in the deep recesses of your heart, you’ll start to miss living with your parents.

I sound depressing, don’t I? 

Lol. Ignore me please.

I absolutely LOVE the fact that I am gradually becoming a grown, independent woman.

I know it takes more than moving out of my parents house to achieve the ‘grown, independent woman’ status.

Discipline, determination, self-control, are very important in getting to this crucial status. 

Although I could be lazy, and could also give into things I shouldn’t (hence self-control), I am consciously working towards being able to put myself under control.

In between coming to the realization that my mum will not stop calling me 4-8 times a day, I am still pretty shook that she even let me leave home.

When I have my kids, I’ll probably be like this when they’re moving out.

Don’t leave meeeeeeeee

So, I guess this is where I should say, ” I am sorry I haven’t been consistent here. I moved, that’s why”. But naaaaa, I won’t.

Consistency is another very important thing I need to incorporate into my ‘grown, independent woman’ status.


P.S: My older sister and I moved into our own place, so, I am not exactly ‘ on my own’.

Have a wonderful week, and a blessed month.

With lots of love,



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  1. 😊😊 This made me smile cos I once experienced this and as much as I was excited about it, it faded away quickly as soon as reality set in


  2. Akinmulewo Adebola May 8, 2017 — 12:51 pm

    Awwwn sweetie, congrat hun


  3. Aww this is so great! Congratulations are in order 🙌. Wishing you homey vibes in your new place away from home 😊


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