That One Time

Happy Easter guys.

My ex-boyfriend’s birthday was yesterday, and I was depressed.

Thank you Alex for listening to me blab!

Now, to the post of today.

I recently started hanging out with this really fun guy (lol, fungi!). He was my ex’s flatmate, and I never knew how really cool he was until I broke up with my ex (I see judgy eyes in the crowd).

Well, I’m not here to blab about him.

I’m here to let you guys know that I had the most pleasant surprise when I went over to his place.

He stays at Maryland which isn’t too far from Ajao Estate where I stay, so finding my way to his house wasn’t too difficult.

So I walk into the apartment and I’m basking in the AC and enjoying the loud music when HE walks in.

If you follow up on the Nigerian music sphere, chances are that you probably would’ve come across this guy. 

As I try my hardest not to let my ‘groupie’ side express itself, my face totally betrays me.

Just look at that fine boy in the middle


I am starstruck, awestruck, lovestruck, all at once.

As I refrain myself from jumping on him, I just keep shaking his hand and mumbling nonsense words of admiration.

He just kept smiling, and replying me.

The best part is that he and my friend are flatmates.

Oh my days, I think I just got a crush.

Desire – Odunsi ft Funbi and Tay Iwar

Funbi’s SoundCloud Stream


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  1. 😂😂 He’s really cute!


  2. Oh I loooove Funbi! *Jealous*


  3. That’s Funbi Music. Lol judgy eyes


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