Ugh, he grew up way too fast!!

Some days ago, I and my younger brother were talking, when all of a sudden, he asks to open his Instagram account on my phone. I ask him why, and then he says he wants to send a DM to Melissa (a girl he likes).

After I throw subtle jabs at both her and my brother, I give the phone to him.

Somehow, somehow, the conversation steers towards girls, and my 19 year old younger brother starts to tell me how he approaches girls, and all the other annoying stuff guys do.

As I slowly go into shock, I gradually begin to realize that my brother isn’t the little baby boy I always saw him as anymore.

He keeps on talking. Telling me about facial hair, body building, girls, and more masculine stuff. The surprised look on my face is all I can do to stop my eyebrows from going up into my head.

I can still remember very clearly how we squealed with delight when my brother staggered towards us while learning to walk, or when I almost killed a guy for injuring my brother when he was in Nursery school, or when he and I wore matching costumes during Valentine’s Day in Primary school.

I have so many memories of him as a child that I guess I let those memories blind me to the changes that were taking place.

Now what bothers me with his sudden ‘growth’, is the pain that will result from these changes.

How do I explain to my brother how to handle a break-up, or that a girl might give you attitude for no reason at all when you try to talk to her. Let’s not forget the girls that are out to trap your destiny with sex, or those that pretend to love you just so that they can suck you dry financially.

How do I explain to him that you don’t need to buy ‘Muscle Fuel’ or ‘Whey Protein’ to get buff?. Although I like buff guys, it actually bothers me that my brother is trying to be buff! (the irony). He’s doing a good job anyways because I complimented his newly gained muscles.

I am a girl (obviously) , and I know the stress girls can give guys.

Although I and my older sister are sooo ready to destroy anyone who messes with our baby brother, will that be enough?

Will he listen to me when I tell him so and so girl is bad for him?

Will he listen when I tell him weed is just a waste of money, and could actually drive you insane?Β Or that alcohol is overhyped?

Do I have to like his ‘girlfriends’?

Can I karate-chop any leech of a girl he brings around?

Can I stalk him when he goes on dates?

I remember when my heart was broken and I sat on my older sister’s lap and cried my heart out. I felt so much better after crying shamelessly.

Will my brother be able to do that cause he’s a guy?

Somebody help me!

I want my baby brother back…


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  1. Hi Ihuoma!

    I nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award. Please find the link here –

    Looking forward to your post on it! πŸ™‚



  2. Lmao πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ pele. Just don’t be overprotective.

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  3. Shebi you want him to be like Harvey in Suites? These changes will help him. And as for growing muscles, my dear, I too just started getting dedicated to my morning push-ups, at least keeping fit is still preferable than carrying iron. Weed and alcohol? They are overhyped by people who they were overhyped to. Most take it because friends do and not to be seen as weak. He better choose his path wisely. This is the crucial stage of being a man, his decisions now will tell for the future. UrbanOversabi

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  4. Awwww I really like this post too. I also have a baby brother and it’s amazing how he’s growing so fast. You just gotta let him be a man and not baby him as much as before he’ll be fine he’s fortunate to have a caring big sister like you πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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  5. Ders beauty in imperfection… Ain’t no skipping!! … Let him grow!! Don’t try to mother him… Just help pick him up when he falls…


  6. Like u said…he’s a guy… He needs it.. He’d learn from it… He’s much stronger.. Hell he’s 19 n working out…πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ.. N from ma experience, his late teens n early 20s lesson(s) will make him a better man n a better judge of character in no time… N most of all… He’s got two really amazing sisters… But then…what do I knw… I’m only declan!!…😊😊

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