Letter Journals – #1

Hello guys, it’s a new month and I am pretty excited about how the month is going so far. But really tho, am I the only one who noticed that 2017 is practically flying by? Now, now, April don reach. Issokay, issorait, I am happy about it anyways.

So, I’m kinda free at work., and I decided to seize the opportunity to write a post. I have my earplugs in and I’m sure my colleagues probably think I am so hard at work (you need to see the way my face is straight).

I was recently going through one of my old journals which I converted into a random note, and I saw some letter journal prompts I wrote down. As a Content Creator (harlem shakes), I have to constantly be on the prowl for content to bring up. So, I said to myself, why not use these prompts as blog posts?.

journals 1

Soooooo, I will be creating a new category for these posts, and the category will be  named ‘Letter Journals’.

letters 2

These are examples of how some of the prompts look like –

Write a letter:

  1. To your mother.
  2. To your future child.
  3. To the waiter/waitress at your favorite place to eat out.
  4. To your best teacher (High School/University), e.t.c….

Today, I will be writing a letter (drumroll..trrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)

  • To my current boss

Here goes,

Hey Tolu,

Really tho, why did you tell me you liked my blog this morning? (sniffs), now I’m going to be self conscious because you’re probably going to be reading my posts from now henceforth (bursts into tears). 

Anyways, this is my second week here at Lifegiva, and I must say you are an amazing boss. Yes, we all laugh together and all, but you still find a way to mix all the fun with work. On my bossometer scale, I would rate you a 9/10 (I am honestly not whining you).

Not to whine you further, but when I told you you looked finer in real life, I still wasn’t whining you (Ugh, too many whinings). I remember when we were playing ‘Heads Up’, you came to join us in the game, and I was actually really impressed. 


Well, I am sure there have been times when we have frustrated you, but you always still keep your cool. Thank you for being like that.

Just keep being you, and doing things the way you do, and I am sure you’ll have even more children under you (your name is Abraham sef).

From a happy intern, I appreciate your heart filled with love.

P.S You told me you liked my kimono this morning (yesssssss). I will wear it every week!!

With love,


Here ends our very first ‘Letter Journal’ post. Whenever I am able to get a break from watching videos on YouTube working, I will write and upload one of these letter journal prompts.

Happy New Month everyone, and God bless youuuuuuuuuuu.


With plenty plenty love,


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