To be an adult or nah.

Hey guys. It’s the weekend, and i’m here watching Justice League Unlimited on my laptop with my cousin. Since Alex insists on boys being boys, I decided to give them something different from the same French nursery rhyme video they keep watching over and over and over again (trust me, issa total bore).

Aaaaannnnnnddddd, he loves it!!! (the Justice League cartoon)

We started with a movie ‘Justice League War’, then we progressed to the serie ‘Justice League Unlimited ‘. Yessss, I am unashamedly a cartoon junkie. Even though I’m in my early 20’s, my love for cartoons hasn’t decreased. I don’t even understand how people claim to like cartoons less when they get older, I feel y’all are just forming.

Now to the issue at hand.


This definition tho

Double yup

I wonder who thought up the word ‘Adulting’, they could not have been more accurate. 

I know that at a certain time in my life, I am supposed to drop all things childish (deep sigh), but what if I want to retain some of my childishness. What if I want to be a great ‘adult’, but still keep doing things that seem childish?

Would I be seen as immature if I kept on binge watching cartoons during the weekends, or, laughing my head off while playing games at the arcade with my friends, or, buying plenty packets of Minimie chinchin instead of saving the money?

Do I have to adult all the way, or could I just do plenty of adulting and a little bit of ‘childing’? Someone please explain to me.

When I was much younger, once in a while the whole family would come together and watch Tom and Jerry back to back, or play ball in the compound. The whole family being my parents, siblings, uncles and aunts who stayed with us. Sadly, everyone got older, or got married and had to start adulting, so the fun stopped.

Yes, I could be a responsible adult when necessary, but I don’t ever want the fun to stop. I want to laugh, to love, to sing, to run in the grass, to watch cartoons, and eat a lot of minimie chinchin, but still be an adult.

I want to adult excellently, and be a child too.

Can I?

Can I?

P.S: Somewhere along the line the choice of what to post on my blog was changed. So if you read my very first post, and you’re wondering why things are different, I am sorry. I promise to do a post where I will explain better.

Now i’m off to do some adulting. 

Have a wonderful weekend.
With love,



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  1. You know the worst thing about adulting? Nobody can do it for you except you.


    But there’s nothing wrong with watching cartoons though. I love cartoons. I can adult and watch cartoons at the same time. Why not?


  2. Even God loved Joseph more wen he was a child… Its in the holy book somwer… One shouldn’t necessarily ditch childhood for adulting sake… Jes be grown enof to have sense n fun at d same time…


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